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As a playwight/director, her work has been seen and developed with/at The Old Globe (Community Voices 2024 Cohort), the Dramatist Guild Foundation, Ensemble Studio Theatre (Los Angeles), LAFPI (Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative), the Ignite Project, Atwater Village Theatre, [re]group, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation/New York University partnership, and more. Her work has been recognized by the Playwrights Foundation/Bay Area Playwrights Festival. She is a member of the Playwrights Center, the Dramatist Guild, and an associate member of SDC.

Mud-Caked Validation & Salt Air

After getting out of a callous situation and being emotionally spilled, split open, and shredded, Genevieve embarks on a nonlinear healing journey (both emotionally and athletically) to regain self-ownership. Meanwhile, Vanessa, pregnant and widowed, does everything in her control to find a central calmness in her body to nourish life in the face of loss, exploring the multi-faceted, complex layers of whether or not grief and perfectionism can co-exist. This play examines all the complex different alternatives we can become (both the painful and beautiful ones, and all the ones in between) when scraped by the reminiscence of abused power.

*play form of debut novel, Mud-Caked Validation & Salt Air

All is Told by What We Hold

A one-woman show that, through sports visualization, explores what environments look and feel like when no singular person desires or seeks power.

*short play, upcoming staged reading, Old Globe Community Voices

Perishable Skills on Window Sills

Karter is a stellar collegiate athlete who is experiencing a disconnect in her sport as she tries to regain a sense of ownership over her own body, while Finley and Avery grapple with metabolizing the tough reality that reaching the absolute top of their game is not met with the same future as their baseball counterparts. Perishable Skills on Window Sills is built on characters who use humor as a deflection to cover their vulnerability.

Upheave into a Slidecase

A dark-comedy/drama that follows Skylar, a kickass, sardonic yet incorruptibly loving college student who is frustrated with the lack of accessibility, particularly in the NYC public transportation system, so she sets out to code apps that will make her day-to-day more accessible.

Upheave into a Slidecase is a play that examines how our world was built and reimagines what it would look like if infrastructure and society was initially built accessibly. arms are open open open but where are you?

A poetically fragmented rumination of maternal healing.​


Weaving through the course of about 25 weeks, some scenes taking place days after others, some taking place weeks or months after, my arms are open, open, open... but where are you? dives into the sporadic nature of a mother's grieving process. 

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