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Debut Novel. 73,000 words.

After getting out of a callous situation and being emotionally spilled, split open, and shredded, Genevieve embarks on a nonlinear healing journey (both emotionally and athletically) to regain self-ownership. Meanwhile, Vanessa, pregnant and widowed, does everything in her control to find a central calmness in her body to nourish life in the face of loss, exploring the multi-faceted, complex layers of whether or not grief and perfectionism can co-exist.


Told through a combination of fast-paced, overlapping, energetic dialogue as well as lyrical language juxtaposed with quick, punchy moments that stack pain/emotion underneath vehemently survival humor, Mud-Caked Validation & Salt Air unpacks women moving through fragmented fragility and structurally shreds time to build alternative routes to examine who we can become when scraped by the reminiscence of abused power. 

Contact directly for full manuscript.

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