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Beautiful old theatre

Teaching Artist


Katie teaches theatre to middle school and high schoolers, with original lesson plans, creating a culminating final performance.

An image of Katie, wearing a black blouse, standing behind a podium that reads "New York University"


DAF Mentor

Katie serves as a mentor for New York University's DAF students - a group dedicated to advocating for genuine inclusion through the arts.

Katie in a classroom, teaching middle school students. Behind her, the board reads "Kind Campaign".

Ambassador for

Kind Campaign

(Founded by Lauren Paul and Molly Mae Thomson )

Kind Campaign is a nonprofit organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of bullying.  Katie volunteers as an ambassador for in-school assemblies.

Books on the Desk

AVID Tutor

Katie worked on a daily basis with twenty high school 9th graders in the AVID program for college prep, tutoring students.

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